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  • About us
  • Since the year of 2001, Yixin Microwave Electronic has been specializing in the filed of microwave/RF, especially on Medical communication, Mobile communication, Broadcasting and Satellite communication.


    We design and manufacture ferrite circulator/isolators, high Q ceramic multilayer capacitors and high power resistors/loads/attenuators etc. With the contribution of high effective engineer ing teams and dedicated workforce, our products perform excellently and stably, but with a much lower price and short delivery. Besides, we design and develop flexibly (OEM) according to customers’ specific requirement.


  • Address: No.3 Xunyang Rd.,Chengdong Street,Fengze Dist.,Quanzhou,362000,China
  • Tel: 0086-59522688815 Fax: 0086-59522688815